Prizes and State Participation

National Challenge

  • 1st place winner: $5,000 to individual
  • 2nd place winner: $3,000 to individual
  • 3rd place winner: $1,500 to individual

(*) If the national winner is selected from the following states (FL, IN, MS, NV, OH, or TX), the national prize would be granted to entrant’s school/organization, and not the individual entrant.

Participating State Challenges

In addition to the national prizes listed above, entrants may be awarded a bonus, state-specific prize (“Bonus State Prize”) if they are selected as a winner in their respective participating state.

  • Arkansas in partnership with Arkansas Health & Wellness
    $1,000 to school/organization
  • Arizona in partnership with Arizona Complete Health
    $1,000 to school/organization
  • Florida in partnership with Sunshine Health
    $1,000 to school/organization
  • Indiana in partnership with MHS
    $1,000 to school/organization
  • Kansas in partnership with Sunflower Health Plan
    $1,000 to school/organization
  • Michigan in partnership with Michigan Complete Health
    $1,000 to school/organization
  • Mississippi in partnership with Magnolia Health
    $1,000 to school/organization
  • Missouri
    $1,000 to school/organization
  • Nebraska in partnership with Nebraska Total Care
    $500 to school/organization and $500 to individual
  • Nevada in partnership with SilverSummit Healthplan
    $1,000 to school/organization
  • New Hampshire in partnership with NH Healthy Families
    $1,000 to school/organization and $250 savings bond to individual
  • Ohio, in partnership with Buckeye Health Plan
    4 winners each winner will receive $250 individual
  • Pennsylvania, in partnership with PA Health & Wellness
    $1,000 to school/organization
  • South Carolina, presented by Absolute Total Care
    $1,000 to individual
  • Texas in partnership with Superior HealthPlan
    $1,000 to school/organization
  • Washington, powered by Coordinated Care of Washington
    $1,000 to school/organization